Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Countdown to Summer

Hi Teacher Friends!  We have nine days of school left.  Wow!

Here is a fun idea shared by one of the first grade teachers at my school.  My kindergarten coworkers have been doing this countdown for the last twenty days of school.  I started mine with the last ten days of school.  Inside each balloon is a special activity written on a slip of paper.  Before we pop a balloon, we all take turns guessing what the special activity might be. Our treat for day ten was extra center time and the kids loved it!  Wonder what tomorrow's special activity will be? Maybe sidewalk chalk outside or shoes off in the classroom?  We will see!

Look how cute these turned out!  These little graduation kids are a TLC Lessons project from Kaye Espinosa.  She has the directions available as a free download on Teachers pay Teachers.
We just love TLC projects in our class!  Thank you Kaye for sharing this cute project!

Hope everyone has a great week at school.  We know this time of year is busy, busy, busy!  Hang in there, summer is just around the corner!   :)


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