Sunday, September 24, 2017

Autumn Time in Kindergarten

Hi Teacher Friends. 
Happy Fall! 
Fall is a favorite time of the year for many, including us.  Apples, pumpkins, colorful leaves, cooler weather, the list goes on and on.  By the time fall arrives, the kids in the classroom are really getting our procedures and routines down pat.  Each day gets better and better.  Here are a few things we have been doing in class this past week.

We celebrated Constitution Day in kindergarten.  We read from a few books about the Constitution, watched the Schoolhouse Rock video, and made these fun hats.  We will add a page to our social studies journals this week as a review.

I like to use a sentence strip for all our hats.  It is just the right size.

We have been working on building fine motor control and working on how to use the liquid glue.  Before we complete a project that requires liquid glue, we practice with this little "A dot is a lot!" page.  It helps the kids learn to control the amount of glue they use.  This idea was shared with me years ago by one of my co-workers.  She was a joy to work with and always knew when our kinder team needed to laugh when we wanted to cry.  I miss teaching with her.  She was my classroom neighbor and she taught me so much.

We completed this fun bus project from TLC.  We try to complete a TLC project each Friday afternoon.  We work hard all week and complete all our lessons so this is our little treat.  The bus project is in the TLC Fall book.  You can find Kaye's books at

So excited to find this book at Sam's last week.  This is always a fun favorite for kindergarten and anything that has our favorite cat in it is sure to be a hit.  We say this rhyme while waiting in line using hand motions.  It helps to keep kids in line busy while we wait on others to find their spot in line.  (I change the one part to "there's a chill in the air" since my principal does not like the other line.)

I am so glad to work at a school that understands kindergarten kids and what is developmentally appropriate for them.  We are allowed centers each afternoon.  The sand table is always a favorite.  Yes, it is messy and yes, sand does get on the tile floor.  I have two small brooms and dust pans that go with this center.  The kids know when it is time to clean up, they are to sweep up the sand from under the sand table.  They usually get most of it up.  The fun toys in the bin below were given to me by a friend.  She is not a teacher but she loves helping teachers out and asks all the teachers at church what they need for their classrooms.  One Sunday at church she said she had some goodies for me. :)   The little guy who was working in the green bin said "Come look!  Teacher, it's the ocean!"  
So I had to take a picture.

Have a great week at school!


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