Saturday, September 26, 2015

Five Weeks of Kindergarten Completed

Hi Teacher Friends!  We just completed our fifth week of kindergarten.  How can that be?  Things are moving so fast.  I wanted to join the Five for Friday linky with Doodlebugs Teaching, but I only have three pictures for the past two weeks.  Oh so sad!  :(    I haven't been able to snap pictures like I want to.  

Since school began, my classroom has been hot, hot, HOT.  The thermostat on the wall was reading 80 degrees inside one day and 97 degrees outside.  Needless to say, we were all sweating.  This week it has been better but still too warm for me and 22 kinderkids moving around to GoNoodle and Dr. Jean's Phonercise and Letter Pops.
 The principal came into my classroom for something and wanted to know why it was so hot in here.  The other teachers' rooms are all so nice and cool.   Hopefully, they will get my air conditioner fixed.

This picture just makes me smile.  It was time to clean up and my kinderkids were tidying up the class library.  When I got ready to go home that afternoon, this is what I saw.  :)

We celebrated Constitution Day on the 17th and learned about American symbols that week.  This is a picture sort we completed.  I just used pictures I found on the computer by using Google Images.

We celebrated the arrival of Autumn by creating these fall trees from TLC.  This project was great for the kids.  The kids had to tear all the paper to create the trees (great fine motor practice).  I use TLC projects with my class each year.  The kids love creating these.  Here is the link to check out TLC projects.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Bring on the cooler fall weather!


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