Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Fun for Open House!

Hi Teacher Friends!  Sorry for the lack of posts but this school year is turning out to be one BUSY school year.  We just completed our sixth week of kindergarten, had Open House, enjoyed the Scholastic Book Fair all week and endured a full moon too!  The week was so packed with activities, we were not able to complete any fire safety lessons.  So we are going to learn all about fire safety this upcoming week.  The kids have had a blast and were so-o-o-o excited about Open House.  Here are a few pictures of what we had displayed for the families to enjoy.  We went with the autumn theme again this year.

This is my favorite project we did for Open House.  I gave each child a pre-cut leaf frame, a piece of wax paper (to keep the project from being glued to the table), and lots of tissue paper squares.  The kids filled in the leaf frame by using their glue stick to glue the tissue squares to the frame and then filled in the middle.  After, I carefully removed the wax paper and laminated each leaf.  They turned out beautifully!

This is an oldie but a goodie.  This page is from the Mailbox Magazine Teachers' Helper.  The kids read the color words and then used watercolor paints to paint each leaf.

This is another oldie from the Mailbox Magazine Teachers' Helper.  The kids had to cut and sort the pictures for fall.  There are two pictures glued on the back that show a winter scene and a spring scene.

We created these little leaf men.  I have had this pattern since my student teaching days many moons ago. 

 We completed a fall Circle Map.  

 We made these fun scarecrows to practice our color words.  This idea was shared by Kim Jordano on her site.  Be sure to check out her site.

All of the kids' projects were placed inside a manilla paper pocket.

We made our fall trees using Kaye Esponisa's TLC Fall Book.  The kids had to use their hands to tear the construction paper.  You can find more of Kaye's books at her site

This is another project from Kaye and TLC.  We added the sight word sentence.  

 We used our TLC scarecrows to decorate the hall outside of the classroom.  

Just look at those beauties!  The kids loved their special fall treat and had so much fun wearing the plastic leaf rings.

 Thanks for hanging in there to the end of this post!  

It finally feels like fall today with the weather outside.  :)
 Have a great weekend.