Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Workin' on It Wednesday Linky with the Kindergals!

Hi Teacher Friends!  We are joining in on the fun with the Kindergals, Kim and Megan.  Their fun linky to show what you are working on to help make the back to school rush easier.  We want to send out a big THANK YOU to the Kindergals for hosting this linky.

I've only been out of school for a week and a half, so I'm just taking it easy and thinking about back to school.  I haven't actually started printing or laminating or cutting out things yet.  Last week, my sister and I went up to my school.  I needed her help with moving a bookcase. I had pushed and pulled on that shelf trying to get it to move just a little bit.  I didn't want to have to unload that shelf. 
We have to have everything off the walls and the marker boards.  We also have to have all the cables from the Smartboard, VCR/DVD player, etc. rolled up and put away for the summer. I needed that shelf to move.

While we were there, my principal asked me if I wanted to take a set of teacher's manuals for the new math curriculum.  Of course, I said "Sure!"  We have used Saxon Math for several years and this new curriculum will certainly be different.

So here's what I have managed to get done.  The box is open and volume one is out of the box.  
 Baby steps, baby steps.  It's summer for Pete's sake!  ;)

Have a great Wednesday!




  1. Ha ha ha. I love the pace you're working at :-) It's very summer-esque!

  2. Hi KaSandra! I'm so glad you saw the humor in my post. :) My sister and I hope you are having a great summer.

  3. You are further along than me! I ordered 3 books from Amazon and they are still in the box! Thanks for Linking up!

  4. I am impressed that you have anything done! I am staying away from school for at least another week!

    The Math Maniac