Sunday, March 16, 2014

Catching Up!

Hi Teacher Friends!  Well it's back to work for me.  My spring break is over.  It seems like it was a bit early this year but I think that has something to do with all the school days we've missed (7days) due to the weather.  Hopefully we won't have any more of that sleet and ice.  

Here are a few pictures of things we've been working on before we left for spring break.

 We have been working on counting by tens and learning about pictographs with our Saxon Math.  I combined this activity with the large paper coins from our Saxon kit.  We used a real dime to toss it and see how it landed.  We then graphed heads or tails using the paper coins.  The kids enjoyed this so much.
 We read this book to help us learn all about dimes.  I got this book from Scholastic.  It was part of a set that included a book about the penny, dime, nickel and quarter.  The books share lots of details and facts about each coin.

 Working on those tricky blends.  We completed this Tree Thinking Map for an anchor chart whole group.  I put the pictures into a grab bag and the kids took turns choosing a picture and then placing it under the correct blend. 

This has to be our new favorite way to practice teen numerals.  Every year those teen numerals throw us for a loop.  Instead of using our flashcards, we have been practicing our numerals with this fun fly swatter game.  The kids love this and play it during our free choice center time.

 We completed this TLC Abraham Lincoln project together.  We then made a Circle Map to help us organize our learning.  The project can be found in the Winter book by TLC Lessons.  Here is a link if you would like to check out the TLC Lessons.  We love making TLC projects in class.

This is the display in the hall of our Circle Map and our Abraham Lincoln projects.  I was inspired by April at Chalk Talk to display our projects like this.  She always shares such great pictures and ideas of student work from her class. 

This picture shows one of my kinderkids work during centers.  I asked what he was making.  He told me it was a car wash.  Looks like business is good at that car wash.  :)

If your spring break is just starting, enjoy it! 
 If it is back to work for you, have a great week!


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