Friday, January 24, 2014

Five for Friday Linky

Hi Teacher Friends!  Well Blogger is cooperating once again and I was able to get my pictures to load.  We are participating in the linky at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

#1 Writing Samples
We are working away with our personal narratives. I am using Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills ' fabulous writing units.  I have posted before how much I enjoy using their units.  Those units have helped me so-o-o-o much with teaching writing to my kinderkids.  Here are two samples.  The first one is by a little kinder who has made so much progress!
 "I go to the lake and I like the lake.  I like the ducks.  I feed the ducks."

 "One time I went to the zoo and I saw a gorilla and it was awesome."
 I think these stories are "awesome"!

#2 Pencil Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies
One word describes this pencil sharpener:  AWESOME!!!
I purchased the three pack of this sharpener after reading about this from other teacher bloggers.  I took one to my classroom, gave one to my sister for her classroom and left the third one for home use.  The word is out at my sister's school.  Kids from other classes come to her room to sharpen their pencils. (I think that is funny!)  They think it is cool!
 Just look at how well it sharpens.  The best part is that pencil point lasts all day.  The kids don't need to sharpen twice unless they break it accidentally.  My kinderkids all pinky promised not to ever point that sharp point at anyone or put it near their eye.  We talked safety first.

#3 Organizing for 2014
My favorite way to organize my lessons for the week.  Each tub holds a different subject.
I have enough stuff for each subject for two weeks.  

#4 Practicing those Blends
This is part of our snowman literacy pack at our TpT shop.  Those blends are so tricky for my little readers who struggle.  We are practicing and practicing.

#5 Celebrating the New Year
We are still working on a few activities for the New Year.  This was shared by one of my kinder co-workers.  We talked about resolutions and setting goals.   The kids loved adding the noise makers.  Of course we had to make a little bit of noise with those before gluing them onto our papers.  :)
" This year I want to I want to eat healthier."

I don't have a picture for this one but we went on a field trip Thursday to the next town over to watch a performance of a play.  It had to be the COLDEST field trip I've ever been on.  They unloaded us from the bus and we had to stand on the sidewalk waiting to go into the auditorium.  That north wind was blowing and blowing and blowing and boy was it COLD!  The kids and I huddled together to block the wind.  We pretended we were little penguins huddling together to stay warm. 

(Penguin clipart from Microsoft)

Have a great weekend friends.  Stay warm.



  1. I have seen those pencil sharpeners all over teacher blogs. They really must be awesome! Nice writing samples : ) I don't see your bloglovin' button--do you have one ?(maybe I missed it)
    ~Lucy at Kids Math Teacher

  2. Hi Lucy! You didn't miss it, Sister and I don't have a bloglovin' button yet. We'll have to see about getting one. Thanks for leaving a kind comment.

  3. I'm your 100th follower! Woot woot! I love your blog. I'm using the same writing units. your writing samples are great!

  4. Hi Sandy! Yeah! Thanks for being our 100th fan. We appreciate your kind comment. I just love the writing units from Mrs. Jump and Mrs. Wills. They sure know their stuff when it comes to writing.

  5. I've seen those sharpeners on different blogs. Where do I purchase one? I've had no luck. :(

  6. Hi Minerva! The pencil sharpeners can be found at
    Hope this help you out. :)