Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hello November!

Hi Teacher Friends!  Well, we survived the past two weeks with Open House, the Book Fair, Red Ribbon Week, our school's second grade pumpkin parade and Halloween.  I am so glad it is November.  :)
Here are a few more pictures from Open House.  Open House was wonderful and the kids were so excited to show their classroom off to their families.
The kids decorated a manila paper cover for their Open House papers.
The kids were tickled pink when they sprinkled glitter on their goofy ghosts.  I helped with the glue and the kids did the glitter all by themselves. 
You wouldn't believe the excitement that this little orange pumpkin made when I brought it to school.  The kids were so-o-o-o excited about it.  They would touch it and look at it throughout the day.
We voted on how to carve the class pumpkin.  I have done this with my classes in the past and this was the first time that the vote resulted in a tie.  So, I got to carve two faces on the pumpkin.
(Sorry about the chart, nothing fancy, but it got the job done.)
Happy Face Jack O'Lantern
Mad Face Jack O'Lantern
We counted the seeds in our pumpkin.  There were 489 seeds (give or take a few).
A bouquet only a teacher could love.  One of my kinderkids presented me with this lovely bouquet of yellow "flowers" from the playground.  We may all stop sneezing once Thanksgiving gets here.  :)
Thanks for getting to the end of this post.  I think this may have been my longest post ever! 
Have a great weekend.  :)


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