Saturday, October 19, 2013

Open House is WHEN? We better get busy, busy, busy!

Hi Teacher Friends!  The title of this post says it all. We found out on Wednesday of this past week that we are having open house this coming Tuesday for our students and their families.  It was planned to accompany the Book Fair Family Night. 

There has been a flurry of open house themed projects being completed up and down the halls of the elementary!  We are like the little engine that could- we will get it all done before Tuesday's Open House- we will get it all done before Tuesday's Open House.  

I have a wonderful parent volunteer this year.  She stayed late and put up this bulletin board for me after school.  I can't say thank you enough.  This board features our TLC scarecrows.  You can check out Kaye's site for more info on TLC Lessons here

Here is another display we put up for open house. We used TLC's trick-or-treater project.  I turned this into a glyph for us.
The idea for this project was shared by Kim Jordano on her amazing site.  You can check out her site here  We used it to help us practice and review our color words.  This is one of the things the kids will have at their tables for open house night.  The scarecrow is glued onto an envelope with one end cut off to make a pocket.  The kids put their color word leaf cards in the pocket.
I hope to share a few more pictures of our projects for open house next week.  Enjoy your weekend.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Science, Math and Language Arts Fun!

Hi Teacher Friends!  We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall season.  Love this time of the year.  If you are on fall break, we hope you are enjoying the time off.
Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to in kindergarten.  We have been learning about matter in science.  We focused on how heat can change things.  I used April from Chalk Talk's great pictures and headings to create this chart with my students.  Be sure to check out April's great site.
We completed a fun experiment.  I got ice from the cafeteria.  Each child had their own cup and ice cubes.  We watched and observed as the ice melted in the sun, in the shade, and in the classroom.  The kids really enjoyed this simple activity.
We have been working so hard on our numbers.  This is our number line to help us with all things 1-5.  The kids had such a great time with this.  I had them take their shoes off and we hopped, walked, and jumped to practice our numbers.  I just used bulletin board paper folded in half to create the number line.  I used tape and just typed up the numbers on the computer for this.  I laminated it for durability.  (The blue tape on the carpet is used whenever we line up-it is not part of this lesson.)
I found the idea for the number line on two great sites: April's Chalk Talk site and on Deeanna's Golden Gang Kindergarten site.  Be sure to take a look at their sites.  They share so many neat ideas that help make lessons fun! 
We have been learning about nouns and the next two pictures show a couple of anchor charts we created together in class.  I got the great ideas from Deeanna Golden's site.  She shared her noun lessons on her site.  I loved her idea of having students locate nouns in the classroom.  She took pictures of her students with the nouns they found around the classroom.  You can check out her great site here. .
We used Kaye Espinosa's TLC book to create these cute scarecrows for fall.  We added a sentence to the top of the picture.  (I snapped these pictures while we were waiting on the projects to dry.)  Our sight word sentence was "I can see a scarecrow."  The kids had to write and fill in the blanks for I, can, see, & a. You can check out Kaye's site at .
Have a great week at school ! :)
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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Hi Teacher Friends! 
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Happy shopping and have a great weekend!