Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hi Teacher Friends!  Here's what we've been up to lately in kindergarten.
We use Saxon Phonics and Saxon Math at my school.  We usually get the refill kits before school begins, however this year we did not.  This picture shows the phonics boxes and some of the math boxes.
After some great help from a parent volunteer, my Saxon tubs are ready for another year in kindergarten. 
The first few weeks of kindergarten mean a visit from the gingerbread man.  Making a gingerbread man and going on a gingerbread hunt helps us cover several state objectives in Math and Social Studies.  We couldn't do this every year without the help of the great cafeteria ladies.  They play along each year for us.
We learned about and celebrated the U.S. Constitution this past week.  The kids completed this fun page from  The Teachers' Helper magazine.
We completed a directed drawing lesson to make the U.S. flag.
Here is a class favorite.  My kinderkids can't get enough of Harold and his purple crayon.  They love that little guy.
Each day, the helper for the day completes a few calendar jobs including this weather report.  This past Friday was day 19 of kindergarten and on day 19 we had rain!  The kids were so excited.  They all gathered around the day's helper and watched as she changed the sunny clipart to this rainy clipart.  Their reaction was precious!
Have a great weekend.


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