Saturday, August 24, 2013

Classroom Pictures

Hi Teacher Friends!  It has been a busy past week and a half.  In my building, we were not allowed in until Wednesday of last week due to cleaning.  Yes, I know!  We completed in-service all this week with meet the teacher night on Thursday.  Here are a few pictures of my classroom. 

I am joining the linky party at Blog Hoppin' a little late due to the cleaning schedule.  I so enjoy looking at other teachers' classroom pictures!  :)

This is the view from my classroom door.
 You can see all the storage that I have in this room.  The wall cabinets and cubbies, the tall cabinet in the back corner, and the low cabinets by the sink are it.  I use the top row of cubbies to store extra items that we need such as large foam dice for math, balances etc.  I made the curtains to help that area look a little better and to hide the storage.  My students use the bottom row of cubbies even though the cubbies are a little too high for some of my kinders to reach.  There is a great deal of standing on tiptoes in the cubbie area.  Two students share one cubbie.
This is one of my favorite displays in the classroom.  Each year, the kinderkids are always so excited to get their hands on the book buddies.
This is a view from the opposite corner.
Behind the green curtains are all of our math manipulatives and center items.  We have puzzles, puppets, and blocks just waiting for us.
This area is always a favorite with the kinderkids.  They so enjoy playing in the home center.  All of the dishes and play food are stored in the red, green, and yellow plastic storage bin.  The play kitchen center was given to me by a sweet coworker.  She had plans to put it in a garage sale after her child outgrew it.  She donated it to me and would not take any money for it.
Here is another favorite item in my classroom.  It is the Chicka Boom tree!
Student computers and the classroom printer.
Learning carpet from Lakeshore
Here is our word wall.  The "Welcome" banner is from Schoolgirl Style.
I used Scholastic bonus points to get each of my students their very own copy of Pete's book.  This was their welcome to kindergarten gift at meet the teacher night.
My teacher area.  I moved out my desk a few years back and have not missed it at all.  :)  My goal is to keep that horseshoe table clean and neat ALL through the school year.  We will see.  It may be easier said than done.  :)
The garment stands turned into pocket chart stands are from Walmart.  When I put them together, I shortened the sides to the length of the pocket chart.  The pocket chart stands are also helping me hide a few items that would not fit in my storage cabinets. The green one is hiding extra storage bins and the blue one is hiding the play kitchen items.
Here is my teaching easel. I have a few of our first week books and posters ready to go.
Calendar area and individual student book boxes.  The small brown shelf holding the student boxes is from one of my super nice coworkers.  She was getting rid of the shelf.  She helped me move it down to my classroom.  I was so pleased that the book boxes fit perfectly in it!  The student boxes are from Lakeshore.  I have used them in my classroom for several years now and they have held up quite nicely.
Here is my classroom library with a couple of tubs that have a missing label.  I always seem to lose a label or two each year.  The small tubs on the left are from the Target Dollar Bins.  The tubs on the right are from Lakeshore.
This is where I write our objectives for each subject as we learn.
This alphabet is from The Glyph Girls.  It is so-o-o-o-o cute!
On Monday, the kids come!  I am so excited to start this school year.  I know it is going to be great!   :)
My sister's school has been going for almost two weeks now.  If you are starting school soon or have all ready started, we hope you have an amazing year!  :)


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