Saturday, February 23, 2013

Presidents' Day

Hi Teacher Friends!  Here are a few projects we completed for Presidents' Day.  First are our George Washington portraits from TLC Lessons.  We used the lessons from Kaye Espinosa's TLC Winter Book.  The kids always love completing a TLC project.  It never ceases to amaze me how different the projects always turn out.  The expressions are priceless.  Here is a link to Kaye's site

(The eyes on this one make me smile.)  We read a few great books about George Washington's life.  The kids were fascinated to learn that George only had one natural tooth in his mouth when he became President and that he wore false teeth made from hippo teeth, cow teeth and human teeth! 

These are our directed drawing lesson on Abraham Lincoln.  I found this project on Victoria Smith's Kinder Korner website.  Here is the link to her amazing site.    Be sure to check it out when you have plenty of time to look around.  She has so-o-o many ideas to share.

Five year olds always amaze me with their talent.  They were not afraid to attempt drawing these.  :)  The kids loved the fact that Abe Lincoln kept important papers tucked inside his hat.  We discussed what each one of us would keep inside our tall hats.  I'll have pictures to share of that next week.

Have a great weekend.  :)


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