Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More Writing with Kinderkids

Hi Teacher Friends!  Can you believe it is February?  Where did January go?  As I change out the snowmen in our classroom for hearts here are a few writing samples from my kinderkids.  We have been using Deanna Jump's and Deedee Wills' writing units.  These units are amazing!  My kinderkids are writing up a storm.  Be sure to check out Deanna's and Deedee's sites.  I am so thankful that these two great teachers pooled their talents and created such an amazing resource for fellow teachers.  Here are links:   and .

Writing Sample #1
My Friends
Me and my friend (classmate) are eating ice cream.  We are about to go to the park.

Me and (classmate) are best friends.  We are  playing at the park.
We are leaving the park.  The end.
Writing Sample #2
I Really Wanted
I really wanted to go on an airplane.
So maybe I can go to the airport.  And I am going to go to the Grand Canyon.
And it will be fun. 
Writing Sample #3  (I have a group of lil kindergirls this year that are HORSE CRAZY.  All they want to write about is horses.  Which is fine by me.  This country girl couldn't agree more, horses are AWESOME!)
I Have a Horse
I have a horse and I love him and I ride him.
I love my horse and there is a new born baby colt and she is eating with her mom.
I like my horses and I love them.  The end.
Here is another item to share.  I used this idea from Reagan at Tunstalls Teaching Tidbits.  To introduce a new unit of study, she places pictures on the student desks.  Her students take a picture walk and write down questions or observations about the pictures.  I did this with my kinderkids to introduce our new science unit this week.  We are learning about weather.  My kinderkids LOVED this.  There were so many oooohs and aaaaahs.  We would like to send a big THANK YOU to Reagan for sharing this neat idea.  Here is a link to her great blog.  Be sure to check it out.
Have a great week at school.  :)



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