Friday, February 1, 2013

More Teddy Bear Day Fun

Hi Teacher Friends!  We have been busy completing middle of the year assessments.  We are almost finished.  (Yeah!)  I just have to assess the kiddos on their sight words. 

Since we were testing this past week, we continued with a little more teddy bear fun.  My class loves the stories about Corduroy.  We created these super cute lil bears from TLC's Pre-K August - December book.  I changed the color of the lil bear's overalls to match that of Corduroy's green overalls.  I added a writing element by having the kids finish the sentence "If Corduory belonged to me, I would ..."  The kids did such a great job.  Here is a link to TLC's site:  Be sure to check it out.  :)

Here is a little sneak peek of some of our 100th day of school prep work.

These are our 100th day of school hats drying.  Oh, yes, that is glitter you see.  GLITTER! 
Glitter on a Friday afternoon on a week that had a full moon in it.
 Oh, it is fun to be in kindergarten.  :)
Have a great weekend. 


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