Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick or Treat! Here's a treat for you!

Hi Teacher Friends!  The kids have their minds on one thing at this time of the year.  That is Halloween!  We have a Halloween freebie for you.  We just uploaded this fun familiar game to our TpT store.  Click on the link to grab your copy for free.  This is a fun game to play with the kids when Halloween falls on a school day.  To make the game even more fun, use candy corn as game pieces.  Then when the game is over, the fun can continue by eating the candy corn!  :)

The cute clipart we used to make this game is from KPM Doodles.  Please check out her sites at and
Her art is adorable! 
The cute little zigzag border is from Jen Jones at Hello Literacy.  Please check out her site at
She has so many super cute fonts as well.
This cute little spider candy was given to me by one of the little kinder-cuties at school.  She and her mom made these for all the kindergarten teachers at school.  They used a butterscotch candy, pipe cleaner legs and wiggly eyes.  The mouth was added with a fine tip marker.  So cute!
Have a great week at school!  :)


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aa is for Apple

Hi Teacher Friends!  We've finished another busy week in kindergarten.  We learned all about apples.  Here are a few of the things we did.

Using a balance to weigh an apple.
Making apple prints is always fun.
Labeling/illustrating the parts of an apple.
Have a great weekend and a great week at school.  :)


Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Fun

Hi Teacher Friends!  How cute are these little bags?  My sister and I found these at Target's Dollar Spot the other day.  They are just perfect for holding the cards and other items for our Fall theme and Halloween theme centers.

We continued to look around in the Dollar Spot and then found these.
I realized we had been busy with our lessons and learning, we hadn't made any October projects.  So we made these little trick or treaters from Kaye Espinosa's TLC Beginning Lessons book.  We just love making TLC projects in kindergarten.   You can find Kaye's TLC books/downloads on TpT. 
Then we made this fun color word/scarecrow project from an idea shared by Kinder by Kim on her blog.  A big THANK YOU goes out to Kim for sharing this idea.  Here is a link to her blog: . My class loved this!  Once we finished, I would see them sitting at their tables reading the color words.  So smart. :)   I used a scarecrow from the online free resources of The Mailbox magazine for teachers.  If you subscribe to the magazine, you have free access to the online resources.  The kids did all the tracing, cutting, and coloring.  I helped with the envelope on the back.
There are so many fun, educational activities to complete with the kids this time of year.  There just never seems to be enough time to squeeze it all in.  Next week we are celebrating Red Ribbon Week at school and we are still working on our Fire Safety activities.
Have a great week at school everyone!  :)


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vowel Fun!

Hi Teacher Friends!  Don't you just love this time of year?  Fall leaves, red apples, orange pumpkins and scarecrows are just a few of my favorite fall things.

We have been busy with our phonics lessons.  Here are some ideas to share.  The first one is a vowel glove.  This idea was shared by one of my co-workers when I moved from third to kindergarten.  The kids really enjoy singing along with this one.  I used a garden glove and the adhesive felt letters you can find in the craft section of stores to add the letters.  We sing the "Vowel Song" and use the vowel glove.  It is a great piggyback song.   It uses the tune of the familiar B-I-N-G-O song.  If you know where the song is from, please let me know so I may give credit where it is due.  Here are the words:                             
Vowel Song
(Tune: Bingo)
There are five letters that we know
and vowel is their name-o!
And vowel is their name-o!
The second song we like to sing is "Vowel Bat" from Shari Sloan's cd "School is Cool".  It is track #6 on the cd.  Please check out her site at  She has such a neat site.  :)  Shari's vowel bat song is great because the kids practice making the short vowel sound for each vowel as they sing.
I used a simple bat pattern to cut the bat shapes from felt and then I glued the bat shapes to a craft stick.  I used the adhesive felt letters to add the vowels.   This is my second set of vowel puppets to go through.  The kids love this song, especially at this time of the year!  There are days when we sing the song FOUR times to let EVERYONE in class have a turn holding one of the puppets.  :) 
Hope eveyone has a geat week at school!  :)