Saturday, March 10, 2012

Centers for March Giveaway

Here are a few pictures of our March centers.  With all the extra activities revolving around reading and our regular curriculum activities, we didn't get to work much with these before our Spring Break.  We will continue with these centers once we return from the break. 

If you are interested, these can be found in our March Center Work for Kindergarten packet on TpT.  We have updated and changed a few things.  So if you have purchased this already, please go and re-download to get the updates.

March Measurement Using Non-Standard Units.

March Patterns.  We added the pattern spinner to this center as another option instead of the pattern cards.  The kids can take a turn with the spinner and then build that type of pattern.

Here is another idea for using the individual pattern cards.  Print the cards on the back of scrapbook paper (Many thanks to Growing Kinders  for the scrapbook paper idea) to create a memory, matching game.  You would only need to use two of each pattern card.

Here is the student response activity for the pattern center.  The kids can color and glue the pattern cards onto a sentence strip to create a pattern hat.  Don't all kindergarten kids love to make hats?

Our state C Scope Math lessons had us learning all about fractions a little while ago.  This center uses an old favorite, the memory matching game.  The kids match the cards to create pairs with the whole and half shape cards.

Subtraction practice.

We are allowed to substitute Saxon Phonics for the Word Study lessons in our state C Scope ELA lessons.  We have been working on alphabetical order.  This center practices "ABC order" as the kids call it.
Read and Write the Room Center.  Who knew that adding the colored pencils would give this center a fresh, new appeal for the kids?  I like to have these words posted in the classroom because the kids enjoy using the seasonal words in their writing journals.

Here is another class favorite.  Spin and Graph Color Words.  After graphing the results, the kids analyze their data on the back of the graphing page.

The clipart used in making these centers is from the very talented KPM Doodles.  Please check out her blog at  Her artwork is so-o-o cute!

We would like to giveaway this center pack to the first three who leave a comment.  Be sure to include your email so we may send the packet to you.

Update:  Thank you for the nice comments about our March centers packet.  Check your email for your freebie.  My sister and I appreciate the kind words and they mean so much to us.  Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. :)



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    1. Hi Lori. Please reply again with your email so we may send the March centers packet to you. Thanks. :)

  2. Love all these center activities! What a great (yet simple) idea to change up the color of your writing center pencils/crayons for a fun twist.

  3. These activites look so fun and engaging!

  4. Oh, sorry I didn't do that the first time. How exciting to win this! Thank you so very much for center pack!! That is so nice of you.
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  5. Great March centers, the centers are so creative, engaging and exciting, so many great ideas!