Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fractions and Graphing

We have been learning about fractions in our C Scope Math lessons.  Here is an activity we completed in class.  A terrific grandparent volunteer cut all the shapes out for me using the Ellison die-cut machine at school.  To start, we glued down the whole shape and wrote a "1" on it.  Then each child was given another die-cut shape.  We talked about how to fold the shape in half and make the edges meet.  Then we opened the shape and cut on the fold line.  After gluing the two halves down, we wrote the fraction on each piece. 

(Wow, that paper sure is wrinkled.  Sorry about that.)  Here is another activity we completed to help with the concept of fractions, whole, and half.  I gave each student a small paper plate.  We carefully folded it in half and cut on the fold line.  Then we wrote the fraction on each half.  I had the yellow bulletin board paper on the floor and the kids just randomly glued their two halves down as they finished. 

We have also been working on graphing.  Each child was given a 4x6 note card to decorate.  I used pictures from the Lakeshore alphabet picture box.  There are so many great pictures in that collection.  We answered a few different questions by changing the picture.  The kids all giggled when I asked "Do you like alligators?"  We compared which column had more, less, and the difference between the two.

Hope everyone has a great week at school.  :)


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