Saturday, February 18, 2012

Centers for Presidents' Day

Here are pictures of our centers for Presidents' Day.  The kids are working on counting pennies, graphing heads/tails, patterning, patriotic color words, sorting coins, and a memory matching game.  My kinder kids love the spin and graph centers and the memory center.  Another favorite of the kids is the patterning center.  :)

If you are interested, these centers can be found in our Presidents' Day Math Centers Mini Pack on TpT.

In this center, the kids choose a card with pennies, count the pennies, and find the matching amount card. 

This is one of the spin and graph games in our Presidents' Day Math Centers Mini Pack.  The kids take turns spinning the spinner and then graphing the results of heads or tails on the penny and quarter.  On the back of the student response page is where the kids analyze the graph results with a how many in all, which had more, and which had less questions.  The kids love this game format.  I can change the content and they think it is so neat to have a new game. 

Here is the other spin and graph center in the mini pack.  On the student response page, we had the kids add a smiley face on the color white column each time the paper clip landed on white (Since white crayon does not show up on the paper.).

Patterns, patterns, patterns!  My class this year loves creating and extending patterns.  The kids then make a pattern hat using a sentence strip and black & white pictures they can color.

Here are a few of the picture cards for our memory matching center.  There are 12 picture cards and when you print two sets to create the pairs there are 24 cards to match.  Kathleen from Growing Kinders ( once posted about how she prints cards on the back of scrapbook paper.  I love that idea!  My sister found a pack of scrapbook paper for all 12 months of the year at Hobby Lobby.  I used the paper for July since it was patriotic.

Sorting coins center.  To add a hands-on element to this center, the kids could use play coins or even real coins instead of the coin cards.

The clipart used to create these centers are from two amazing resources: 
 The Art of Teaching TAT Clipart (

My school district gets the day off on Monday :)  however my sister's school district does not. :(  
If your district is off on Monday, enjoy the day off. 



  1. Fun center ideas! Don't kids just love to do patterns?? I also like the coin sorts.
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Hi there,
    I just found your blog it is very cute. We just started our unit on money. Thanks for sharing your ideas! Come on over and visit me sometime.
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