Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap Day Sale

Hi Teacher Friends!  We wanted to let you know we are participating in the Leap Day Sale at TpT.  Our sale will begin on February 29th and end on March 1st.   We are offering 20% off our items.  With TpT's 10% and our 20% that adds up to bargains, bargains, bargains!   Use code L2P9Y at the checkout for the bargains.

Also, if you have purchased our "Yee Haw! Sight Word and High Frequency Pocket Chart Game" please re-download it.  Go to "My Purchases" and get the corrected version.  We found a big typo and have since corrected it.  So sorry for this inconvenience.  We appreciate all your support!  Thank you.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fractions and Graphing

We have been learning about fractions in our C Scope Math lessons.  Here is an activity we completed in class.  A terrific grandparent volunteer cut all the shapes out for me using the Ellison die-cut machine at school.  To start, we glued down the whole shape and wrote a "1" on it.  Then each child was given another die-cut shape.  We talked about how to fold the shape in half and make the edges meet.  Then we opened the shape and cut on the fold line.  After gluing the two halves down, we wrote the fraction on each piece. 

(Wow, that paper sure is wrinkled.  Sorry about that.)  Here is another activity we completed to help with the concept of fractions, whole, and half.  I gave each student a small paper plate.  We carefully folded it in half and cut on the fold line.  Then we wrote the fraction on each half.  I had the yellow bulletin board paper on the floor and the kids just randomly glued their two halves down as they finished. 

We have also been working on graphing.  Each child was given a 4x6 note card to decorate.  I used pictures from the Lakeshore alphabet picture box.  There are so many great pictures in that collection.  We answered a few different questions by changing the picture.  The kids all giggled when I asked "Do you like alligators?"  We compared which column had more, less, and the difference between the two.

Hope everyone has a great week at school.  :)


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Centers for Presidents' Day

Here are pictures of our centers for Presidents' Day.  The kids are working on counting pennies, graphing heads/tails, patterning, patriotic color words, sorting coins, and a memory matching game.  My kinder kids love the spin and graph centers and the memory center.  Another favorite of the kids is the patterning center.  :)

If you are interested, these centers can be found in our Presidents' Day Math Centers Mini Pack on TpT.

In this center, the kids choose a card with pennies, count the pennies, and find the matching amount card. 

This is one of the spin and graph games in our Presidents' Day Math Centers Mini Pack.  The kids take turns spinning the spinner and then graphing the results of heads or tails on the penny and quarter.  On the back of the student response page is where the kids analyze the graph results with a how many in all, which had more, and which had less questions.  The kids love this game format.  I can change the content and they think it is so neat to have a new game. 

Here is the other spin and graph center in the mini pack.  On the student response page, we had the kids add a smiley face on the color white column each time the paper clip landed on white (Since white crayon does not show up on the paper.).

Patterns, patterns, patterns!  My class this year loves creating and extending patterns.  The kids then make a pattern hat using a sentence strip and black & white pictures they can color.

Here are a few of the picture cards for our memory matching center.  There are 12 picture cards and when you print two sets to create the pairs there are 24 cards to match.  Kathleen from Growing Kinders (http://growingkinders.blogspot.com) once posted about how she prints cards on the back of scrapbook paper.  I love that idea!  My sister found a pack of scrapbook paper for all 12 months of the year at Hobby Lobby.  I used the paper for July since it was patriotic.

Sorting coins center.  To add a hands-on element to this center, the kids could use play coins or even real coins instead of the coin cards.

The clipart used to create these centers are from two amazing resources: 
 The Art of Teaching TAT Clipart (http://tatclipart.blogspot.com)

My school district gets the day off on Monday :)  however my sister's school district does not. :(  
If your district is off on Monday, enjoy the day off. 


Friday, February 17, 2012

Presidents' Day

Hi teacher friends!  Wow!  What a busy week in kindergarten.  We made it through Valentine's Day on Tuesday.   I was so proud of the kinder kids.  They were great during our class  party.  They used their manners and I heard lots of "please" and "thank you" during the party.  Our class had a great turn out for the party.  With 21 students, 17 had a parent or grandparent attend the party.  It means so much to the kids when a family member can attend one of the class parties.

We have been learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in our C Scope Social Studies lessons.  Here are a few pictures of what we have been working on.

We completed the George Washington and Abraham Lincoln projects from TLC. These two projects are from TLC's Winter book. We love TLC projects in kindergarten! 

We completed these two directed drawing projects. I found the idea for the directed drawings from two great resources: the Kinder Korner website(www.kinderkorner.com) and Mrs. Jump's America Unit(http://mrsjumpsclass.blogspot.com ).

We read  George Washington and the General's Dog.  The kids loved this book.  We used it to help us complete one of our morning messages. We also read Abe Lincoln's Hat.  The kids were fascinated with the story of President Lincoln and how he kept important papers in his hat.

How tall are you?

This fantastic idea is from Doodle Bugs Teaching (http://doodlebugsteaching.blogspot.com) and The Art of Teaching: A Kindergarten Blog (http://theartofteachingut.blogspot.com) posted about this activity.  I wanted to try this with my class.  Here is our version.  One of my co-workers created this for us.  I measured each kindergarten student next to the life-size Lincoln and I took each child's picture for our end of the year memory book. 

More pictures of our Presidents' Day centers to come. 

Hope everyone has a great three day weekend.  :)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Math Centers

Here are a few pictures of our math centers for February. Our centers are reinforcing addition skills, patterns, one-to-one correspondence, using ten frames to build teen numbers, counting tally marks, counting by fives and matching number words to the corresponding numeral.  (Sorry about the glare on the photos.  The centers are laminated and that caused the glare.)

Excitement is building for our class Valentine's Day party.  I am doing my best to keep my kinder kiddos focused and busy with our learning.  All they can think about is Valentine's Day.   :)

The kids are working on addition in this center.  They use pom-poms as counters.  I found the cute heart box at Target's Dollar Spot.

This is our ten frame center for teen numbers.  The kids really enjoy working with the ten frames and they are getting good at it. 

My class loves working with this pattern center.  Sometimes they like to use a pocket chart and other times they just like to work at a table.

More/Less center.  The kids choose a card and then compare the two numbers on the card.  They determine if the number with the cupid bear is more or less than the other number on the card.  Then they place the card on the correct mat.

The kids are practicing numerical order and number words with this center.

If you are interested, these centers can be found in our TpT store.

All the clipart used to create these centers is from KPM Doodles.  Her artwork is adorable!  Please check out her Etsy shop and blog at http://kpmdoodles.blogspot.com 

More math and literacy center pictures to come. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  :)


Sunday, February 5, 2012


We just finished a mini packet of math centers for kindergarten.  They feature clipart for Presidents' Day.  There are six math centers which practice identifying coins, reading & graphing color words, patterning, counting pennies, and graphing heads/tails.  We have received so many nice comments and emails ever since Lil' Country Kindergarten posted about our blog.  We want to give away our mini pack to the first four people who leave a comment.  Please be sure and include your email so we can send the pack to you. 

We have not posted it to Teachers Pay Teachers yet because we are experiencing computer difficulties.  Whenever we try to access the Teachers Pay Teachers site, we receive a message stating the DNS server is not responding.  :(   As soon as we can, we will post it to TpT.

Update:  Thank you all for the nice comments.  Please check your email for your mini pack of Presidents' Day Math Centers.  We were able to post this mini pack on TpT a little while ago.  :)

Hope everyone has a great week at school!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More 100th Day

Here are a few more pictures from our 100th day celebration on Tuesday.  We had an early release today due to staff development and we were not able to complete all that I had planned from Tuesday.  So it seems the 100th day celebration will continue tomorrow.  :)  I have planned for my kinder kids to complete some of the 100th day centers from Katie at Little Warriors.  Her packet of centers for the 100th day is great. http://littlekinderwarriors.blogspot.com

Wow! This was so much fun for the kids.  We made a 100th day snack.  We used the sorting mat from Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants.  Her 100th day unit is so good.  http://whattheteacherwants.blogspot.com

We read from a collection of 100th day books.  Our favorites were Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten and I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words.  The kids love our Miss Bindergarten book buddy. :)