Friday, January 20, 2012

Letter Bb, Teddy Bear Day and Treating Others with Kindness

We have completed a busy week in kindergarten!  We use Saxon Phonics along with our state C Scope curriculum.  We are allowed to substitute the word study lessons in C Scope ELA with Saxon Phonics.  This week we were learning all about letter Bb.  We start our days with journal writing and on Fridays, the kids always have "free choice" on what to write about.  Since we brought our teddy bears to school today, this little one wrote about her bear.

We took turns sharing about our bears.  Then we sorted and graphed our bears by size.  Our categories were: Small Bear, Medium Bear, Big Bear, and Not a Bear.  The kids colored in a paper graph as I completed one on the Smartboard.  We compared which had more and which had less.

This bear project is from TLC Lessons Getting Started book by Kaye Espinosa.  I first learned about TLC Lessons from teachers who shared on their class websites.  (A big THANK YOU to all who take the time to do this.)  I was fortunate enough to see Kaye Espinosa present a breakout session at Frog Street Press' Splash Summer Conference a few years ago.  My students and I love completing TLC projects.  They are great for practicing listening skills, following directions, and many more skills.  Each child begins with the same materials but each project turns out differently.  The lessons are also a great motivational tool.  The kids know they will miss out on a project if they act up.  The kids' personalities and creativity really shine through in these projects.  TLC Lessons are now available on the Teachers pay Teachers site!

Our C Scope ELA lessons have the students working with procedural texts.  I found this neat booklet from The Mailbox Magazine.  (It is my "go to" resource.)  This is "Camping Bears" from their Kids in the Kitchen feature.  We made this snack and had a teddy bear picnic in the classroom.  I put two tablecloths on the floor and the kids thought that was so neat.  Don't you just love it when you are able to do something so simple for the kids and they love it and tell you that you are the "BEST" teacher ever.  Keep in mind they are in kindergarten, exactly how many teachers have they had before kindergarten?    :)       Kinder kids are the BEST!

We also completed a few more special activities and ran out of time for others activities.  We will try to finish next week. 

We also focused on learning about kindness and how to treat others this week.  We completed a Weekly Reader issue on kindness and learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  :)


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  1. Sweet writing by the kids! I love kindergarten writing. We did a predictable chart this week on snowmen and then wrote our sentences and made snowmen. :)
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