Tuesday, January 31, 2012

100th Day of Kindergarten

Hip, Hip, Hooray!  It's the 100th Day of Kindergarten!
We celebrated the 100th day today.  Here are a few pictures from our day. 

This is a fun door display.  The kids absolutely loved walking through the zero to get inside the classroom.  I found this great idea on Mrs. Fischer's Kinder Themes website.  www.kinderthemes.com

The kids worked in groups of two to create this 100 link paper chain.  They did such a good job working together!

Each year on the 100th day, the kindergarten kids participate in our annual 100th Day Number Parade.  Each kindergarten student is assigned a number and they decorate it at home with their families. (The idea for the family number project and number mural is from Mrs. Pohlmeyers' Kinder Page.  Sadly, her site is closed.)  Then on the 100th day, the kinder kids parade around the elementary hallways for the number parade.  This year we had 105 kindergarten kids in our number parade! After the parade, all the kids' numbers are displayed in the hallway to create a big 100 number mural.   This is a cape that my class wore along with a 100th day hat during the parade.  The idea for the cape is from the Kinder by Kim website.  www.kinderbykim.com 

We used a sentence strip and numeral die-cuts to create our 100th day hats.

We ran out of time today and did not get all of our special 100th day activities completed.  We will finish tomorrow.
More pictures to come. :)



  1. LOVE that door! What a great idea! And I thought I was doing good to hang some streamers in my doorway.... ha ha

  2. You are TAGGED in the 12 Things meme.... have fun!

  3. I LOVE the door! I will need to do that next year! I just found your blog and am your newest follower! I would love for you to visit me if you get the chance!